Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pizza Boxes and Worksheets

I know there was a reason I kept thinking I needed pizza boxes. It must have been craft related. I'm choosing not to look back at previous posts to remind myself though. For now, I'll let these faces be the reason we have "Pizza Day" every week! And yes, this is how they were dressed to go buy pizza!

"Mom, you're not supposed to see a superhero's face!"

Nom Nom Nom!

Math Quiz- Score 100%

Identifying squares
 Practicing her writing skills with the number 5

She wrote the letter "E" by herself

Jayden: top two worksheets are from the elementary Daily Notebook over at, bottom is a math worksheet on Fact Families from T4L.

Cait's worksheet from

This normally retails for over $7 and May found it at the Dollar General! It's a cool workbook. Read here about what it teaches!

Jayden's Fact Family worksheet
We are starting to work on telling time with analog clocks. Below is a paper plate clock we made together.I promised Caitlin a digital watch when she learns to tell time on a digital clock, and I promised Jayden and analog watch when he can read analog time. This has motivated each of them to work hard. Hopefully within a few weeks, each kids will be sporting a new watch!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Library Science Co-op

Twice a month we have a science co-op at the library. Juan brings Jayden and Caitlin. I meet him there when I am done with my classes. I'm mentioning this because you will notice there aren't 654651231651321654651 as many pictures as I would take. You will also notice this during future co-ops. May and I hosted this time.


They did 3 science experiments with May. I don't know what the hell is going on here. I think it has something to do with sinking and floating.

I don't know what the hell this is.
Ohhh!!! I know what this is! Ocean in a bottle project! 

I never got a chance to take pictures of the kids doing the projects I brought, but they made aquariums which looked something like this:

This is Jayden's
I also made each child a "socktopus."(Directions for these can be found here) I was in a rush so we closed them off with rubber bands, instead of sewing them shut. My sewing  sucks!  Apparently, I had the most sewing skills out of everyone in the room. So while the lopsided and poorly stitched eyes were sewn on by me, no one laughed at the atrocity I created and All the kids all loved them!

 After co-op, Jayden read a story to Sydney

while Little Miss Anti-Social Cait played with the train set.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Mornings usually look like this. Before Juan goes to work (weather permitting) he takes both children outside to practice baseball. On Thursday evening's practice, it was freezing!

 On Saturday
 On Saturday Jayden had another game. I may have overdressed us a bit because of the weather during the last game.