Monday, September 30, 2013


Jayden LOVES legos! When we heard about a basic engineering class that meets twice a month and was taught with legos, we knew it would be perfect.

May will be taking Hayzel Jr. as well, and kindly offered to take Jayden with her to the class. I wasn't there so I am going to pretend that's the reason why I have no knowledge about what is going on. This is an excerpt from the curriculum that they will be using from now until November.

"... students will build simple and motorized machines learning about levers, pulleys, measurements, gear ratios, and much more. Children work in small groups to first build mechanisms based on lesson instructions and when familiar with the challenge children will
be asked to improve on the design."

All I know is Jayden came home ecstatic! He loved the class, loved being partnered off, and loved using legos!

Cait and I spent that time alone together reading, playing, and just chit chatting. I wanted to sign her up for a preschool class during that block of time but it hasn't worked out so far.

Friday, September 27, 2013

School days

Caitlin has declared her Bob books to be too easy (I disagree!) and has decided to branch out to other titles. She continues to practice her reading daily, whether it is her reading to me, her babies, or to herself.

Jayden is super excited about math more than ever. He has finally reached the multiplication/division section of his math textbook. He is literally begging me to do extra math work on a daily basis!

The unifix cubes have proved to be very useful with multiplication and division!

We also finished up our history unit on Hammurabi by making our own Hammurabi Code of Laws. We bought a red foam board and cut it in a weird looking shape (since clay tablets weren't always perfect, not because I am awful at cutting straight lines).

We added our own family rules to the code and, of course, added it up to our history line.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Park Day

A couple of weeks ago we had a park date with a huge group of homeschoolers. We saw old friends and met new ones!

 We have decided to do it again, before it gets too cold.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Apple Picking

I love fall! The air is crisp, the smells are amazing, and it means the holiday season is near.
We began our autumn season by going apple picking at Cider Hill Farm. We are definitely going back!

 We met up with friends and had a great time!

 Of course we sampled the merchandise.

When we got home we made apple butter with our apples with this crockpot recipe (I cut the amount of sugar in half). It tastes so amazing. We use it on waffles, pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches... the possibilities are endless!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Science & History

We were in need of some new books so we hit up one of our favorite spots- the library!

 We started a new unit in science- the circulatory system.

After reading this book, we started with our lab.

 We had to record the kids' heartbeats after various activities.

 Afterwards the kids filled in their graphs to record their findings.

We are now in our 7th chapter of Story of the World (history). We are learning about Hammurabi's code, ziggurats, and Babylonian cuneiform. 

We used this website to translate a bunch of different things from English to Baylonian cuneiform.

 Here are the ziggurat coloring pages on the line!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative Writing Class

Last week we joined our first creative writing class. Jayden has always been into writing little stories in his notebooks. When I first told him about the class, he was really excited to participate. And of course, Caitlin is always up for new things.
The class had three activities. The first one had the kids draw a bug and use the legs to write adjectives about themselves.
The next activity was writing a short autobiography. We brought in pictures that the kids picked out to add to their stories.
Before the kids started their autobiographies, Amanda (the teacher) shared hers.

And last, the kids got to write something called a "Snot Essay"- which involved anything gross that they wanted to write about.
Jayden is so anti dirt and mess that this was all he could come up with. It says "This is me drinking mud." Below it is a picture of him holding mud.

You could totally hear the disgust in his voice when he read it aloud.
Cait went all out with hers. She told me what to write and it said: "I like to smell gross things. I love smelling daddy's belly button. It smells like dirty butt. I love when Jayden farts. It smells like green beans. I love calling people to smell my poop. Sometimes my poop is green and sometimes it is brown. I poop really big. My favorite shoes are my pink shoes. They make my feet smell like vinegar and poop." Then she drew a picture of her stinky pink shoes.

It was sooooo hot that day so the kids played in the slip and slide at Amanda's house for an hour.

Later that evening Jayden and Caitlin finished their autobiographies. Here is Jayden writing about how much he loves football and Tom Brady.
He also wrote about Caitlin, laughing the whole time. He ended it with "She makes me laugh like I'm in heaven." (which is his way of saying he loves her!)

Here is a picture Caitlin drew of various flips, twists, and splits she wants to try when she goes to gymnastics next year.
We can't wait until the next class next month!