Monday, March 30, 2015


In February we learned about Alexander the Great's bravery and his ability to tame the wild stallion Bucephalus to make him his own horse.

We learned about the places Alexander managed to conquer, as well as how his empire was divided after his mysterious death.

 Of course we made our own Bucephalus Stick Horse.

And what is a horse without a couple of knights?
 We also read about the People of the Americas.
In this chapter we learned that the Nazca lived in South America. They made enormous drawings on the ground. Some of the drawings included spiders, monkeys, birds, and flowers. The kids made their own Nazca paintings. First they drew a picture with white crayon on white paper, then we used water colors to "decode" their pictures.  

In science we learned about the water cycle. We watched the Magic School bus episode "Wet All Over". 

Miscellaneous pictures from this month include art:





and, of course, Valentine's Day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

January Update

I'm going to try to do a short version of our lives over the past few months. This post is catching you up on January.

We joined a book club. We select one book a month and read it at home. Then we all meet as a group to discuss it as well as work on preplanned activities. Our book of the month in January was "The Whipping Boy".

At home we had "Teatime Tuesday" while we read our book. We also made our own covers for "The Whipping Boy".

At the end of the month we met with the group for book club. The kids made shields and decorated them with a coat of arms that they selected. We also discussed food, vocabulary, and some history. (February we missed because I was super sick, and March's book club will be part of another post.)

These two fantastic kids earned new karate belts!

In science we spent the month learning about solids, liquids, and gas.

In History we studied Ancient Greece and their war against Persia.

Miscellaneous pictures of our month include:

Jayden working on his snap circuits kit
 Lucy aggravated that I was taking pictures
 Caitlin practicing her drawing skills
 Jayden is learning how to make pancakes from scratch!
 Caitlin took a few gymnastics classes

 Caitlin swimming (with no floaties!)

Snow days!
 Next up will be February!