Saturday, July 28, 2012

Games and School Stuff

We have been trying to make use of our games during this heatwave. The kids LOVE playing memory.

 We tried playing Hedbanz, but Cait kept telling us what we were.

 On one of the groups I belong to, someone posted a fabulous website,, with interactive games that work perfectly for Cait. They have educational games and worksheets for Pre-K up to first grade. They also have a TON of worksheets.
 Jayden is still doing his schoolwork, and excelling as always. We are currently working our way through a trial membership at Jayden tested at a 3.1 reading level- which means he reads at the level of a 3rd grader in their first month of reading. While I very much like the site, I do not think it will work out for us. This site requires his reading and language arts to be at the same level in order for it to benefit him. Even though he reads at a third grade level, he is currently at appx a second grade level for LA. I am elated at his progress though. This is all from a boy who just learned to read in April 2011. And he is not even officially in first grade yet!

I just got a new desktop so the laptop will soon be set up at their desk for school. I am excited that they will have their own station to work at!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boott Mills Cotton Museum

We recently made a family trip to a local museum. The museum is dedicated to life during the Industrial Revolution. The whole first floor- the Weave Room- showed what the mills looked like long ago. Original documents are displayed in frames on the wall.

There are signs like this throughout the museum, describing and even quoting the workers

Tools of the Mill workers

A real loom used in the Mill

Restored looms that are actually running! They weaved cool patterns. It was VERY noisy in this room.

Inspecting a loom (not running)

We all had ear plugs to drown out the noise in the Weave Room. We got to feel the fabric the looms made.

 Upstairs we saw tools used by farmers who lived in the South.

 We saw (and were even able to carry) large bags that slaves had to use when picking cotton.
Model of the Boott Cotton Mills

 Checking out the tools used and feeling the cotton.

Quote from a Mill worker
 Clothing worn by wealthier people.

Overseer- Basically a manager of the mills
 As we were leaving we saw girls dressed as Mill Girls. I tried to get the kids in, but they were too shy to stand with strangers.
"Mill Girls"
 Then we went out for brunch where I asked them to smile if they had fun. Guess not.
This trip was a LOT of fun. We definitely plan on going back soon. There were lots of things we didn't get to see because we were on a time crunch.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bike Riding

The kids have definitely been making the most of their bikes this summer. I am really glad they love riding so much. We usually ride in the yard since the heat wave has them ready to run into the air conditioner after an hour.

We recently met up with some friends at the park for some playground time and more bike fun.

I love sitting back and watching what a wonderful relationship J & C have. While we were outside Cait fell and was pretty upset. Immediately Jayden parked his bike, ran over to her, and dropped on all fours to give her a piggy bike ride that promptly led to a giggling fit.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bike Riding

Jayden and Cait were sick with a fever and spent a lot of the earlier part of this week laying down, resting, and being (understandably) crabby.

They started to feel better but not 100%, so we went out to the yard to bike ride. Jayden's bike was a touch too big which led to a lot of frustration for him.

 But Cait was nice and shared her bike with him.

So on Wednesday we went out and got him a new bike that fits him perfectly, we just need to adjust the handlebars.

It was really hot and the kids started sweating profusely after 30 minutes so we came in and enjoyed ice cream!