Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Took a hiatus from the blog but not from homeschooling!

Here is what we did today:

J did independent work!

Practicing his name

Matching big & small pictures

Shape recognition

C colored in one of her famous getups:

C's final product!

Once J was done, they both colored together:

Monday, November 1, 2010

1st of November!

Today was FULL of lessons!

J did a few worksheets:
Matching words to pictures
Pattern recognition

Find all of the letter Ee's

Practicing his writing
He also put all of the elephants in size order:

Meanwhile the Diva colored:

 Then she put the crayons away...

What I DON'T have pictured here is she threw every single crayon on the floor after this! She helped me pick most of them up though!

Today we also learned 2 other important lessons:

1. seven candies in one day is TOO much (unless having the kids bouncing off of the walls is what you want!)


2. Dog food and 2 year olds don't mix... especially when said two year olds nostrils are involved!

Let's hope for a smoother day tomorrow!