Thursday, October 27, 2011

School & Snow!

Yesterday we went to the library!

We stopped off to pick up a pumpkin to make some pumpkin pie with. But we decided the pumpkin was meant to be bread instead. So we started with this yesterday:

 and ended up with this today!! (Which turned out to be AMAZING!)
Here was our day today:

C worked on and completed a puzzle ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!!!

 She also worked on the numbers 1 & 2 and the Letter Aa

 She did some bead work which she got bored of quickly today, which was surprising.
 So I gave her this worksheet to stamp circles in. After this, she was done!

 Jay worked on unscrambling his spelling words as well as reviewing them for his test tomorrow!

Little Miss Sunshine decided she wanted to read by herself

 Jayden thought the way he had written a number was amusing

 Today's math included semi sweet chocolate chips. 10 of them to be exact. They were also his prize if he worked on his 20 math problems all by himself and got all of them right. Of course he succeeded!
Then we went to our favorite hangout spot for some face painting and science class! Cait got her face painted like a bunny.
 Jayden decided he wanted his face painted like The Cat in the Hat. While Cait got her face done, he colored a hat.

 In Science class they learned about Archeology.

 Teacher Becky froze some dinosaurs in a plastic tub and had them use spoons to chip away at the ice to get them out.
 Then they used paint to make dinosaur tracks on paper.

 Then we went to the art section and did some finger painting!

And finally, just as we were getting into bed, we saw that it was SNOWING outside! So we bundled up and headed out for a couple of minutes.

 He tried making a snow angel but there wasn't enough snow!