Thursday, July 28, 2016

More June

Our town has an annual "Old Home Day" where they celebrate the town with races, marches, food and other festivities.

For Wild Explores one week, the kids had to help repair something in the house. So Caitlin & Juan worked on painting our bedroom!
Caitlin started volleyball. She loves it!

Jayden is still working hard at guitar. We love listening to him practice songs everyday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Early June

Early June was a super busy time, as always.

Jayden and Caitlin finished finished floor hockey. Jayden even scored a goal for his team, which he was super proud of.

Caitlin had her ballet and tap recital. It was a great show!! Caitlin even got invited to join dance team in the fall!
We also went to a Geography World Fair, where we got to learn about (and sample foods from) different places in the world.

 We went strawberry picking as soon as we could!

Our Wild Explorers Club had to make two recipes, so they chose tacos and blueberry muffins.
 We went to the beach several times of course.

Our local library kicked off their summer reading program with a festival. It was after a beach trip so we were hot and tired. But the kids got their faces painted!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wild Explorers Club

Last month one of the assignments for Wild Explorers Club was to taste exotic food.  Many of the Explorers were unsure about this assignment, but they got through it!

The kids tried:
Halvah- Middle Eastern, Kumquats-China, Seaweed Chips-Korean, Kombucha-Japanese (?), Guacamole-Mexican, Fiddle Heads-Native American, Pastitsio- Greece, Arepas & Tostones