Friday, September 30, 2011

Today started out with C in "jail" because she was the bad guy...

 according to the two boys hiding in this mess they all created this morning!
 School went like this:
C found her toy orange and refuses to let it go.

J did his addition work and used the number book he made when he "forgot" how to write.

Reading comprehension for J, number coloring for C

This had me SO proud! His first written sentences <3!! He wrote "Max woz lost." (Max was lost) and "Jen fand Max." (Jen found Max.

Flying through his sight words!

Scissor time!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yesterday school started with this:

 While C worked happily, J was frustrated and unhappy. He claimed he didn't remember how to write numbers... Right... After some tears I decided he was done for the day.
 C was supposed to cut along the lines...
 I think she missed...

 Because J couldn't remember how to write his numbers yesterday, I decided today he would have to trace numbers. My plan was to have him see the "baby work" which would be boring and easy and then switch him to his big boy work. He had to trace 10 pages (numbers 0-9) that looked like this:
 I realized my plan backfired when he told me "I love this easy work, Mom!" *sigh* So we ended up turning the worksheets into a number book that he can reference it if he ever "forgets" how to write them again.

C worked happily and excitedly...

 Then J did some more writing/reading.

And I just noticed he forgot the "n" on the second line of fan. Slick.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A week and a half ago we went to a local fair.

The kids made conductor hats with little books about trains.

 We learned how women washed and dried clothing during the civil war.
 C got her face painted while the boys jumped around in a bouncy house.

 She was a cat!
 They ate cotton candy,

 sat in a real race car,

 and we took a trip to Imajine That!

The next day was soccer!!