Monday, December 7, 2015

Augusta, ME

This week made our third stop in our Road Trip of the USA, Augusta, ME.

We started by locating Maine on our wall map and in our atlas. 

We learned interesting facts about the flag, such as the farmer and seaman on it represent the type of work that was common in early times.
We read about homes in the colonial times, learning that the homes were often very small with only one room, called a keeping room. Families worked, cooked, and ate in the keeping room. Adults and babies slept in the keeping room as well. They slept on jack-beds, which were high but so short that they could not sleep stretched out. Beneath their high beds were trundle beds for small children to sleep. Babies slept in cradles near the fireplace in the keeping room, while older children slept in the attic on scratchy straw or soft mattresses filled with feathers or bits of wool.

We also learned that Maine is famous for it's beauty, as well as their active fishing industry. About 90% of Maine is forest land! Maine's state foods are lobster and blueberries.

Lobster is completely off the table for us, but blueberries are among our favorite fruits. We decided to make orange blueberry muffins. Deeeeeeelicious!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

'Tis the Season!

Last weekend we bought our Christmas tree! This is usually a fairly quick process for us. We typically agree on the fluffiest, biggest tree we can find within the 7-8ft range.

The kids helped Juan get it in the stand. 
We were debating on going taller this year but it turns out an 8ft tree was the perfect fit! 

 A few days later (after we let the branches settle), the kids decorated the tree. 

The dangerous shenanigans her father lets her get into!

 This year was Jayden's turn to put the star on the tree. 

And here is the mini tree sitting in our kitchen window!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Karate & Science

The kids are working very hard in karate. Last week they got to break boards, which is always a special treat. 

Jayden did very well! He broke through two boards at once with a nice strong kick. 

Caitlin is working on her follow through when it comes to board breaking. She tried chopping it with her hands, kicking it, then went back to trying with her hand.

After some persistence and cheers from her classmates, she got it!
We had a pretty relaxed week school-wise, due to Thanksgiving. But we did manage to catch an episode of The Magic School Bus, which means we snuck in science! ;)