Monday, June 29, 2015

Beginning of May

The beginning of May was busy! Our pup got spayed so we spent lots of time loving on her.

The kids went to a comic book store on free comic book day.
 We finally hit the beach for the first time in nearly two years!

The water was cold, the day not so sunny...

but it was beautiful and relaxing nonetheless!

We walked around a bit until we found the overpriced fried dough we all so desperately wanted. The kids wanted theirs drenched in chocolate. Cait, who isn't a big chocolate lover, ended up hating hers and I (very) grumpily gave her my beautiful powdered sugar fried dough, and tossed hers in the trash.

 The kids attended their weekly gym class. 

 J & C took math work to the library, while I worked on my final assignments for school.

 They finished just in time to make maracas for 5 de mayo.

 Lots of floor hockey pics!




 And finally, the kids earned a new stripe on their karate belts!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

End of April!

April finished off with a book club meeting for our book of the month Follow My Leader. In this book a freak accident leaves a young boy, James, blind. He has to relearn everyday skills he once knew how to do, such as getting dressed, pouring a drink, and even walking around his home! After he has mastered all of this he gets a guide dog of his own, Leader, who helps him on his journey to independence.

Jayden was sick so it was just Cait and I for book club.

After discussing the book the kids had to do several activities blindfolded, to get a tiny glimpse of what Jimmy's life was like. They played "Pin the tail on the Leader".

They had to transfer water from a small jug to a cup without spilling it or overfilling the cup.

They drew self portraits with their eyes closed.

They had to sort through outfits and figure out what the code was for matching outfits. In the book James had a method for selecting matching outfits. For the activity, outfits were sorted based on matching paperclips that were attached.

And finally, a table was set up with various items that could only be identified using every sense but sight.