Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Somehow I lost every single picture on my blog, which is why there are big black squares in place of pictures. I will most likely just move this blog to a new site. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy birthday Sydney!

Last week we were invited to Sydney's birthday party. Her brother Owen is one of Jayden's favorite friends, and the boy Cait claims she is marrying because she loves his hair. One of Jayden's other favorite friends, Vinny, was also there!

Sydney opening her gift from Jayden & Caitlin

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday

 Cake time!

The kids did the Limbo and earned prizes just for playing, which they thought was awesome!
We ended up having to leave early to get Juan from the airport, but before we left we paraded around the block with the birthday girl, singing songs.

Hope you have a fabulous birthday Sydney!

Monday, November 19, 2012

"At" words

I laminated a worksheet from Hat printables with "at" words. I took out several magnets and called out words and she had to put the correct consonant on the line. She did excellent!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


This week we had our science co-op, hosted by Carolyn. As always, her experiments involved a little bit of a mess and a whole lot of fun!

Waiting for Co-op to begin
 We started off with a color dispersion experiment.

 Each cookie sheet was filled with milk. Each child added several drops of food coloring.

 Then they added some dishwashing liquid.
 When the dishwashing liquid was added, the colors shot out in a circular motion!

 They took turns stirring and blowing the liquid for more visual stimulation.


The second project involved a combination of water, vinegar, and salt to clean pennies coated with copper oxide (which makes pennies look dull). Apparently, this combination removes copper oxide, making the pennies look new again.

The penny on the left was not cleaned, the penny on the right was.

Then the kids tried to make elephant toothpaste which ended up not working out since we forgot one of the ingredients.
Cait's reaction to the smell of yeast.

We will be trying this project again sometimes later next week. The kids really want to see it foam up!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snowed in!

Ok, maybe "snowed in" is a little bit of an exaggeration... Ok, maybe it's a big exaggeration! Either way, both children decided to grow, so we need to get them new winter boots. The kids have also lost their gloves so I need to buy more. Because of this, I convinced them that we shouldn't go out and play in the now slushy yard.Instead we baked chocolate chip cookies and ate them with warm milk.

For some reason they were eager to complete their school work which was fine by me.

I laminated the sheets we use most often for Jayden from our Elementary Daily Notebook, which right now happens to be the "What day is it?" and "What time is it?" worksheets.

Caitlin is seriously soaking things up like a sponge lately. She recognizes 22 letters of the alphabet and can tell you a lot of their sounds! Even though she doesn't know the sounds of all the letters, she is still itching to spell words. So I searched Pinterest to find something that was appropriate for her level and came across The Cookie Sheet Challenge. Using magnetic letters, she built the words according to the letters beside each picture. She built the words rug, bed, net, pin, dog, sun, mop, bug, tub, and cat.
During this time Jayden worked on his Morning Math- Week 5 and Spelling & Grammar workbooks.
Caitlin decided she wanted "a hundred more works!" so I printed out some Morning Math & LA Daily worksheets for her which she completed with minimal assistance!

She knows the "h," "b," and hard "c," sounds so she was able to decipher which word went with which picture.
 Jayden worked on a little writing assignment for spelling.
We finished up the school day with penmanship for Caitlin. I made her a worksheet with a handwriting worksheet generator.
 And Jayden started a Geography unit.
With the cold weather fast approaching, we have greatly scaled back on our outdoor activities. I don't like having us committed to a lot of activities when bad weather, sickness, and sometimes plan old lazy days keep us indoors. We are down to one science co-op twice a month, another science class that meets monthly, our indoor playground membership, the library, and friends to keep us busy until it starts warming up!