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Welcome to our blog! 

This blog is used as a way to keep our family involved in what is happening in our little corner of the world. I also use it to keep track of everything going on in our seemingly chaotic lives. Bonus: I was recently informed that my blog can be used as part of my children's portfolio for the homeschooling evaluator.

I am Tania. I am a happily married, homeschooling, stay at home mother of 2. My children are my world. I am on a journey toward bettering myself in every way possible so that I can be an even better role model for them.

After a decade of being out of school, I am currently a student working my way towards a doctorate in psychology. I am only in the beginning stages of my bachelor's degree, so I have a while to go. It is important for me to accomplish this because I want my children to know that I am not lying to them when I say that education is important. 

I am also working towards taking better care of myself. I am trying to remember that even though I am a mom first, I am also my own person. I am trying to set a good example by becoming a healthier person both physically and mentally.

I have wanted to homeschool my children from the moment I met my firstborn. My reasons are here. We are year round homeschoolers that take breaks throughout the year.  

The man who made my dreams of being a stay at home, homeschooling mother is my husband Juan. He works his behind off to provide for us. He is supportive of many of the off the wall things I like to do and he is a super fantastic dad! He is an old soul who marches to the beat of his own drum and loves gaming.

I sometimes tease him about his obsession with frugality but, in all actuality, I am grateful that he is so on top of our finances. While my morning begins with a cup of coffee, his begins with checking our bank accounts and his excel sheet titled "Bills & Expenses." Even our children know this is a daily routine.

Our firstborn entered our lives in 2006. Jayden is the most awesome boy I have ever met. Biased? Who, me?

He is an extremely bright, sweet, and kind little boy. He does have a little wicked streak in him, as most boys his age, but he really is such a fantastic kid.

He is so very much like his dad. He is observant and mellow (unless you piss him off). He is also a complete stickler for the rules. He loves numbers and is constantly thinking about math problems. He thinks the calculator is the greatest thing ever. He is also really into video games and legos.

He has a love/hate relationship with school. Most of the time, he loves it. He loves that he is homeschooled because it means he can do whatever he wants once he completes his assignments, rather than sit in school all day. He sometimes tells me he hates school because it isn't always fun. These are the times I try to change things up for him. He loves to be challenged and often asks interesting questions that we research together (read: I have no effing clue what the answer is so we look it up).

In 2008, a new addition entered our clan: Caitlin. She is the best little girl in the world! She is very much like me. In many ways, she is the opposite of Jayden. She is a spunky, adventurous diva. Most days she thinks she is a teenager. She will bend the rules as far as she can without breaking them. I don't think she really cares for rules, but she doesn't like when we are upset with her. She has a tough exterior but is a total sensitive sweetheart on the inside.

Like Jayden, she is insanely smart. She doesn't do anything unless she thinks there is a good enough reason for it. For example, she is insisting on learning to read. Why? Because she wants to be able to read any and every book about Justin Bieber. This girl definitely keeps me on my toes.

Caitlin loves to nurture. I think she will be a wonderful mother one day. She takes good care of her babies. This includes "nursing" them in the dressing room while I try on clothes. She will leave her doll in her highchair with a spoon so that she won't be hungry if we aren't home. And my favorite, she has a wrap and loves to wear her baby. She is super affectionate. She is a girly girl who loves clothes, shoes, and having her nails painted. She is also not afraid to climb, dig, and get dirty.

So, that's us. In a long nutshell. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog. We love hearing what other people have to say!

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