Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jayden's birthday- Pt 2

Later on in the week Jayden went to see The Muppets. His final request for his birth week celebration was to go to a museum. We went to the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.

Jayden was instantly drawn to the Lego section. You had to build your own car and race it down the track (behind him). 


Caitlin and Juan tried to move these tubes to get the ball going in the direction she wanted them to go. 
 Jayden was pretty disenchanted with 3¢ stamps costing a dime! 

 I'm not going to lie... this phone scared me a little.


Cait and I made a Japanese fan. Her face after she saw the finished product was priceless. I guess it didn't look the way she expected it to.
This machine needed coins to make music. Jayden took one look at it and said "Man, these people are such thieves!" He is pretty frugal when it comes to money.
 The kids got to be on tv!

 They got to steer a boat and raise the sail.

 They took turns driving a train too.
 We headed over to the music station where they played various instruments.
 They also tried on masks from Japan, Africa, & Mexico.

 Jayden's face imprint.

 Jayden found Christmas Island!

 As we left we saw horses, which Caitlin pet, but Jayden did not!