Monday, February 27, 2012

10 days with no update?!?! YIKES!

I know I have not kept up with updating you all but I promise, we are STILL learning! Here is what we have been up to:

We went to Carolyns house for some letter L crafts. The kids made lambs and painted ladybug picture frames!

Daddy joined us quickly before work!

Another day we were heading to add money to our laundry card which turned into a good old puddle stomping nature walk!

 Here is Jayden doing some of his fabulous T4L work!

 Cait decided to practice the letter B on her clickstart. She can now tell you what sound it makes!

 We spent a little while playing outside in some very cold weather

We also made some awesome bird feeders at another homeschoolers house! Her name is Amanda! We met several other families there too!

Cait filled a peanut butter top with bird seed and sat down, determined to wait for a bird to come eat it in front of her.

 When we got home we put the bird feeders up on the tree in our yard!

 We are currently learning about the 7 continents and the oceans and just so happened to stumble across a show on National Geographic. It is called Earth the Biography: Oceans. Jayden, Caitlin , and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end!

 We enjoyed daddy's birthday with some plain chocolate cake (his request- blech!)
More schooling pics!
We recently ordered a Learning Resources Magnetic Tabletop Pocket Chart and some Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic letters. Cait and I went through them and she now knows A, B, C, T, and X.
 Jayden's last class of swimming was Thursday. He is still staying in the polliwog class but is almost ready for the guppy class next! He just needs to work on his backstroke. He starts off doing it right, but once Miss Scarlett turns her back to him, he floats the rest of the length of the pool.

 Some adorable girls were embarrassing him, asking him over and over again what his name is.

 Here is is pouring water on one of the adorable girls!
 Library trip!

 We mixed blue and yellow food coloring and made green mac and cheese cups! Awful looking but the kids loved their "Incredible Hulk" mac and cheese.
And here is Jayden's school report for last week on T4L.

So Cait has been hiding a little secret! She is sounding out some words! Jayden and daddy were playing PS3 when some words popped up. She pronounced "ENER" for "ENERGY" and "SENT" for "SENTINEL".  The word "ALL" popped up and I asked her how to say that and she said "AHHH- mommy I don't know what sound that makes!" and pointed to the L's. So I said "Cait, you know what sound the L makes. What sound is it?" And she mouthed the "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" sound. Daddy was extremely impressed with his little princess! I have to admit, it really shocked me because even though we practice the sounds letters make, I was unaware she had the ability to blend sounds together. So we made a huge fuss and in true Caitlin fashion, she got aggravated when we complimented her and celebrated her good job. So anything we asked after that was met with shrugged shoulders, "I don't know" and/or guesses which she knew were incorrect. So I will be keeping a closer eye on my little sneaky girl who, just three shorts weeks ago, told me she quit the alphabet because it was too hard!

And in sad and growing up news, look who lost another tooth!

We have a very FULL calendar for spring! My beautiful baby boy is turning SIX!!!!!!!, we are continuing on with swimming, resuming soccer, joining a Homeschool coop which will meet 2x a month to start with, and hopefully getting funds together to sign Jayden up for Tball! Hopefully one of his wonderful grandparents want to help out with that for his birthday :D