Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bug Hunt!

Earlier this week we went over to Vanessa's house for a bug hunt. Vanessa is really into nature- something I am not, so we are grateful to have her for this part of science!

I stayed away as much as possible but we did look through Vanessa's bug books to identify the bugs she caught with them.

Checking out an egg in Vanessa's yard- possibly a snake egg.



Searching for salamanders

Vanessa found one for Jayden

Amanda turning over rocks with Jayden to find bugs

An ant hill Jayden and I found, thanks to Vinny showing us "where to find the good bugs"

An absolutely disgusting long worm trying to slither out of the carton

Grace helping Jayden get dirt and leaves for the salamander

Jayden picking up the salamander to put it in the dirt

Jayden showing me an ant he picked up
Vanessa and Cait checking out the snake egg again
Thanks for having us over for the bug hunt Vanessa!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Men In Black III

This past weekend we went to the movies with Titi Mel. We saw Men In Black III at Jayden's request. The language was definitely not appropriate- oops! But the kids had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tball game

This past weekend we had another game. I should really start keeping track of who we played but I can't remember the name of our opponents! It was also picture day so we had to arrive early. When we got there we didn't see anyone from our team so we went to the tables to sit and wait.
Cait picked a flower for me
We waited for a half hour before our team showed up... and they had already taken pictures! Apparently the coach came to check the field and didn't notice us (just as we didn't notice him!) so we missed the pictures. Luckily the coach and his wife spoke with the photographers and the team and everyone stayed back after the game to do a re-shoot! I was extremely grateful. The got some cute shots of Jayden which we should get back in a few weeks.
Waiting for our team
 Warming up


The cheerleader taking a snack break!

 Waiting for our team's turn to take their picture

Monday, May 28, 2012


This week was our big co-op. The kids did a unit on measurements.

 Filling a cup of rice to see how much it weighed.

 Drawing his hand to measure it.
 Simon says!
 Duck duck goose!
 London Bridges!

Co-op is always a great day!