Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was a very windy, rainy, chilly day outside. This type of weather usually leads to some tired kidlets who are very into snuggling. But today was different because daddy was home early (due to a stomach virus). That meant distracted kids!

We still managed to get work done but it took longer than usual because J wasn't very focused until the end. At one point we went to his room because the distractions were overwhelming.

We started off with some workbook activities:
Then we switched rooms to work in J's bedroom to concentrate better:


Both he and I were very proud and impressed by how nicely he was able to write the letter Bb with not much practice this week.

We then switched back to our normal classroom section to work on our seasons book. He was very focused during this part because he asked me if we could make a book today. He is always ecstatic when he knows we are making a book.

We cut these pictures out of a magazine that came in the mail today! We cut out outfits for each season, J drew what the trees look like during each season and he gave me some words describing what we do/ wear during that season, as well as his favorite day (if he had one) of the season.
His seasons book suffered a little mishap when he used the hole puncher a little too close to the edge so I let him staple it and the words got a bit cut off. BUT he is extremely proud of his book and loves it! He even used it as reading material in the bathroom today!!

Little Ms. C was not pictured during our lessons today because if she wasn't being a distraction, she was with daddy wreaking havoc in a different part of the house!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy, busy!

Today was a busy day for us in terms of school.

First we got all of our writing activities out of the way by reviewing 0-3. He also practiced writing the letter Bb.

I shouted BOO! You know... purely for educational purposes to use it as an example of "scared" later on in today's lesson!

We discussed the different seasons and what the weather felt like in each season (no pics).

We also discussed several different emotions and what causes these emotions for J. *J drew the faces and told me what to write.

C decided to join in today and colored the letter "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" (according to her)
Rolling her eyes when I asked if she planned on working.

Once J was done with his work she quickly took his spot and asked to draw circles. She actually made a few too!

Then she turned around and looked at the shape poster:

Then she started yelling for cookies!

Her hair was brushed but she decided to remove her ponytail to sport a more... free kind of look!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sick day!

My poor boy was not feeling well today so we declared today a sick day. Lots of hugs and cuddles were all that our revised lesson plan included for the day. He seems to be doing much better tonight so we will pick up where we left off tomorrow!

 I know he doesn't look sick in this pic but I assure you that the vomit and diarrhea told me otherwise!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2!

Today was a great school day. Even C wanted to learn!

First we worked on "_ap" words.

Because J already recognizes his numbers and can count, we are really working on writing. This week I decided he would learn to write two numbers instead of one. So he worked on writing the numbers 2 & 3.

J practiced writing the letter Bb and did some work in a workbook where he had to circle the words that start with the letter B.

He also learned the spanish name for yellow (ama-ree-yo according to J)

Here is little Miss C working. She actually seemed interested in school today so I decided to jump on the opportunity to teach her about circles. (Brown circle in the second pic was me!)

She chose to write with a lavender crayon so you can't really see it but she did make some weird looking circles!

The lesson plans for this week can be found here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Successful first week!

A little late at posting but better late than never!

Friday was a really relaxed day.

We worked on a couple of worksheets

C was supremely wicked, tossing crayons and being a real handful. When she knew she pulled the last straw, she flashed one of these at me and instantly started behaving:

We went to the movies to see Legend of the Guardians (which was really cute!) and this is just a random funny shot I got!

And last, but not least, our file folder. I am not too impressed with how it came out, but I am not very artistic. Plus I kind of just threw this together during the few spare minutes I had Friday. J wasn't too interested in helping me either. Next one will be better!

Under the flaps show what we learned this week. Example:

The folded up paper on the bottom right was a word puzzle that J did and wanted to include. It somehow got glue on it and is now sealed shut!

And because you are never finished learning something new, I am teaching myself to knit with the help of youtube!

Here is a work in progress (wip) picture of a Hudson Hat that I am working on for J.