Friday, June 27, 2014

Karate Belt Promotion

I apologize in advance for the pic overload, but I am so proud of my babies! They have worked SUPER hard, practicing their karate moves in and out of the dojo. They were finally presented with the opportunity to test for their next belt.

 There were many other students there testing for their next belt as well.

The belt testing took 3-4 hours, but I barely noticed the length of time because I was so amazed at how well everyone was doing. 

The Lil Dragons had a focus test where they had to remain absolutely still despite people trying to distract them. One of the black belts said Cait was the first person ever not to fall for his tricks. She stayed with her dead straight face and stiff pose the whole time!


 Jayden has been working really hard on his balance and swift, sharp movements. It really showed during his belt test. He has been doing amazing!!

In the end the students had to do pushups for what seemed like an awfully long time while the black belts decided who had earned their next belt.

As a Lil Dragon, Caitlin was presented with her camo belt.

 Jayden was presented with his yellow belt.

  Total proud mama here!
 We tried to get a group picture of the students from our class who had been promoted.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Music Class

Jayden's guitar class ended with a performance in April.

First the instructors showed off their skills. 

 Everyone sat and watched their duet.
Several other performances happened, which were absolutely adorable! Finally, the guitar class was up.
They had two acts. The first one used various instruments as their instructor sang.
Their second act showed them using their cool guitar skills!
We are looking forward to music lessons in the fall!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


When Caitlin finished her last gymnastics class, Jayden surprised me by saying he wanted to try it out too. We ended up going to a new place which both kids really love.



They started the class in April and it just ended last week. They practiced on the vault, beams, trampoline, and more. We look forward to participating again in the fall!