Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cait has been more into puzzles and educational games than worksheets these days which is fine by me.

She made a puzzle from Confessions of a Homeschooler


Adding with the abacus

Jayden had a map skills quiz in Geography. After completing this unit he is now able to:

  • Identify a compass rose
  • Identify north, south, east, & west
  • Identify/create map symbols
  • Recognize/use a map scale
  • Recognizes state borders
  • Identify/read/create map grids

He likes when I draw ridiculous looking stick figures on his papers!
We've spent a lot of time working on subtraction with borrowing.

In Grammar we worked on present tense verbs.

And for spelling Jayden used his dictionary to define his spelling words. (We broke this part up into two days)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

School Time

During this last month Jayden has been working diligently onTime4Learning. The subjects that we use there include Math (1st grade level), Language Arts (2nd grade level), Language Arts Extensions (which has tons of topics that range from social studies - 2nd grade level), and Science (2nd grade level). His average grades are:

48 Learning Activities: 96%
3 Activity Quizzes: 100%
10 Lesson Quizzes: 95%
5 Chapter Tests: 90%

I gave Jayden a math placement test to see where he is placing amongst other first graders. I found a free assessment exam at Math Jayden scored an 86%! I am extremely impressed since we are only about 1/2 way through our 1st grade math curriculum on Time4Learning.

Caitlin is still amazing me with her work too.  She loves doing her worksheets.
 In grammar Jayden learned about present tense.

 He also learned how to properly write a title.
In Spelling he worked on finding spelling errors in the top paragraph and then used them in a sentence below.

In Math he had an addition with regrouping worksheet from He only made 2 errors out of 20 problems.
 For Geography he worked on map grids.

Playing leappad

Friday, January 25, 2013

Indoor Playdate

It has been FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING lately. The kids started getting cabin fever so I took them to our favorite indoor playground. Unfortunately school was out that day so it was packed. They played for almost 90 minutes before we called it quits.

my princess!
sibling love!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vacation is Over!

Between the holidays, Juan being on vacation, and other life events that have recently taken place, I took a break from blogging. Jayden did a lot of work on Time4Learning. And most of all, they played.

One of their Christmas gifts was a 2 month swim class. They just started last week. Jayden is doing fabulous! He is almost ready to swim with no float!

Yes, even Caitlin! We spent the entire last year telling her she can go back to swimming when she feels ready. We explained that she could not scream in the pool and that we would never let anything happen to her. Finally, after many months of practice runs in the bathtub, we felt she was ready. And she has been doing great!

Both of them are being taught by the best teacher there. But for Caitlin's first class Miss Scarlett had the flu so she was taught by another great teacher named Bennett.The best part is she is the only student in her class so she gets one on one time.


When Miss Scarlett returned Caitlin complained about how hard she was being worked and Miss Scarlett told her she complained like a little old lady!

Diving in

 I will be back soon with lots more pictures since I got an AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING new camera for my birthday!!!!!!!!