Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to school sales!!

I went into Staples today where, as a homeschooling mom, they let me sign up for the Teachers Rewards! I was able to buy 25 packs of index cards (100 cards each), 25 packs of highlighters (2 per pack) and 25 packs of pencils (8 pencils per pack) for only $0.10 each!! If you aren't a teacher the limit on everything was 2 but teachers had a limit of 25 each. I also got 14 spiral notebooks (1 subject each; staples brand) for $0.15 each. There was a lady there who told me about the rewards program who was a former homeschooling teacher that now teaches at a private school. I donated some of my purchases to her but I'll also be sending some of what I have left to my sister (college student) :)

DH & I also each got a 4g flash drive for $5 each. And there was a coupon in our circular $5 off of $25 purchase.

All in all we got some GREAT deals. At Staples we spent $30 and saved $66!

We also hit Toys R Us & Walmart for some other needed supplies. J got a brand new backpack, lunchbox and 5 folders, and C got a new lunchbox and 4 folders. We also purchased containers to hold their sandwiches in their lunchboxes, thermoses, construction paper, crayons and glue. I LOVE back to school sales!!!