Friday, July 3, 2015

More of May!

In karate the kids got to break boards with both their hands and then their feet.

 School life has continued on...

My wish came true and we finally have a homeschool room! We have so many plans to fix it up this summer.

 We signed up for new library cards at our new library!

The librarian recommended books for the kids based on their interests... the next morning I crept into their rooms to see why they hadn't woken us up yet and this is what I found!

Wonderful friends came over and made us planter boxes, brought us veggies and herbs, and helped us plant them! This is what they looked like that day... they are now HUGE!
We planted arugula, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed greens, grape tomatoes, lavender, parsley, basil, strawberries, and more!

A few short days later our seeds started sprouting leaves!

 This girl got her very first pair of hoop earrings.
We went over to a friend's house and burned sparklers for the first time ever!


Playing in the backyard is a daily occurrence now that we are homeowners!  
Finally, Juan invented a language arts game for Caitlin called wordly feud. He even puts on game show music. I came home to find this on the little easel and J & C told me all about it. I can't possibly love him more!! <3

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camp day... mostly!

The second week of May brought us the wonderful blessing of being homeowners!

With the help of amazing friends and family, we packed and unpacked most of our belongings in one weekend.
We went on the annual homeschool jamboree at a local camp (where they did their drop off class in April). 

The kids went participated in a high ropes course. Last year Cait was too young and watched from the sidelines. This year they lowered the age restriction and she just made it!

She took full advantage, not leaving this site until she participated in all three of the high ropes courses.

And this guy right here actually faced his fears and completed one of the high ropes courses. He was determined, because last year he stopped halfway through.

 This time he saw it the whole way through!
And when it was time to come down he shouted down to us that he needed an adult to go up and get him because he was too scared to fall back. When I told him we couldn't...
he leaned back and jumped down! But that was more than enough for his little heart to skip the rest of the courses in this section!
The kids also got to do archery. 

 Jayden popped the balloon (his target).

They got to paint and create their own Jacob's ladder.

After lunch they played carpetball.

Finally, they got to go canoeing and kayaking! 
This guy wanted to go alone!

I followed Cait to a low ropes course.

 Jayden ran off with the boys to build forts. They also made goat friends!

I absolutely love the adventures we get to have because we are a homeschooling family!!