Thursday, May 26, 2016

Art Class

This month we started taking an art class at a local art museum. The first week we focused on "Thinking Through Art". After a tour of the museum focusing on specific art works, the kids had to create a collage using key concepts we learned.

The second week of art class was just as fun! Again we went on a guided tour. This week was called "Building Blocks of Art" and we focused on sculptures and paintings that looked like they had texture.

Then we went back to the classroom and the kids created their own sculptures with the tools on hand.

 Caitlin called hers "The Swirl"

Jayden called his "Trapped Man"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


April was a full and busy month. 

The kids went to see The Lightening Thief play.
 Jayden earned his green/blue belt in karate!!

 Caitlin had a costume check for her dance recital coming up in June.
In Geography we visited Egypt. The kids each presented a topic on Ancient and modern Egypt.

Jayden started guitar lessons! He is so thrilled. His teacher is a homeschooled child that is about to graduate from guitar lessons. He has been taking them for 5 years. In order for him to graduate he has to give lessons.
 We made a quick trip to see my sister in law get married! <3
 In between all that we squeezed in our regular school work of course.

 The kids went on their weekly hikes with the Wild Explorers Club.

 Both kids started Floor Hockey this month.

 And finally, we ended the month by visiting a Homeschool Science Fair. It was big and really packed so we ended up not getting many photos, but the kids loved looking at all of the different experiments. We hope to have our own contribution next year!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


So much has happened since the last update two months ago! Here are some of the things that happened in March.

We've went on hikes nearly every single week with our Wild Explorers Club.

 We even got to see beaver dams and saw first hand the damage beaver teeth do to trees.


 Some of our hikes have included geocaching!
Somehow Jayden turned 10, yes TEN, in March. We celebrated with a week long of festivities as we tend to do in our family. We kicked it off with a surprise overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge with some great friends. 

 We celebrated at home with a cake too, of course.
 We also gave both kids rooms a makeover.

The kids helped clean out the garden to prepare for this year's crops.

And finally, we hosted a book club for our book of the month, which was The Boxcar Children. The kids made dioramas of their favorite scene in the book and presented them at our meeting.

Caitlin's diorama

Jayden's diorama