Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014-2015 Curriculum

This year I will be homeschooling a 3rd grader and a kindergartner!

We decided to change the names of all of our school subjects and use Harry Potter  terminology! So for the time being, this is what our curriculum will look like:


Arithmancy (MATH) daily
Math in Focus 3A & 3B textbooks & workbooks, as well as various manipulatives

Defense Against the Dark Arts (LANGUAGE ARTS) daily-
Growing with Grammar
Winning with Writing
Soaring with Spelling
HWOT- Cursive
Monthly writing club

Math in Focus 1A & 1B textbooks & workbooks, as well as various manipulatives

Defense Against the Dark Arts (LANGUAGE ARTS)-
Soaring with Spelling
Monthly writing club

Divination (CALENDAR WORK)-
Daily Learning Notebook (we will only use the "What Day Is It?" page)

Potions (SCIENCE) 2x/wk-
R.E.A.L Science Odyssey- Earth & Space 

Here is an excerpt from the website that talks about what we will be studying:
"Topics include weather, seasons, the earth, minerals, rocks, our solar system, and space. Students study the weather and atmosphere with several hands-on labs including making an anemometer, a rain gauge, and water cycle in a bowl. Rocks and minerals are studied in depth with students identifying their samples through the same tests used by geologists. Each planet in our solar system is studied individually as students make their own planet book. Earth & Space has recently been revised to include changes to the status of Pluto and the definition of planet."

Muggle Studies (HISTORY) 1x/wk-
SOTW (We got through half of this book last year so we will finish it up this year). Other materials include our handy dandy SOTW Activity Book, as well as History Pockets- Ancient Civilizations. This will also cover geography since we do map work as well.

Muggle Music (MUSIC) 1-2x/wk-
MusIQ Level 1

Muggle Language (SPANISH) daily-
J & C are enrolled in a weekly Spanish co-op homeschool class. Through games, stories, songs, and interactive activities our children will practice colors, numbers, common items, food, animals, clothing, days/ dates, greetings, and more! We will also practice with them daily at home.

Quidditch (SPORTS)-
Both children will continue karate. Caitlin will also do soccer.

Future sports TBD.
We also have a book list that we will get through this year.

Apart from LA and math, all other subjects will take place on an alternating schedule.

Caitlin will join us for science, spanish, music, and history (all at an appropriate level). Because she is not required to do anything for another year (kindergarten is not mandatory here), we will do as much or as little as she wants. She usually tends to want to do whatever Jayden is doing, which turns out great!

I think that's all! Stay tuned for any changes. :)