Monday, March 26, 2012


Part two of the update!

We played outside

 Both kids came down with a 24 hour bug.

Jayden was promoted from 2 bubbles on his float down to one! That is the last step before being able to swim float free!

 Anyone that knows me knows birthdays are a VERY big deal! We kicked off Jaydens "birth week" with a trip to Toys R Us. He is a part of the birthday club there so he got a balloon and a crown. They also wished him a happy birthday over the loudspeaker. He used his very own money that he had been saving to purchase the stuffed doll in his hand!
 Cait got something too of course!
 On his actual birthday we all woke up very early.

 This was his face when he saw his brand new Thundercats toys!

 This was his face when he saw he got an Xbox Kinect system! Don't let the face fool you though, he was probably more excited about the Thundercats toys.
 After hugging,
 he spent the next hour playing Thundercats with Cait and daddy.

 The Ramirez' treated us all to breakfast at IHOP where they sang happy birthday to Jayden. He and Hayzel split a huge piece of chocolate cake- at 9am!
We raced over to our homeschooling coop. We had show and tell, which Jayden kicked off for his birthday. He, of course, brought Lion-o, one of his new toys.

 It was our turn to host the coop so we did a 5 senses unit.

Jayden was disgusted with the thought of having to taste the pickle

 We sang again to Jayden with his spiderman cupcakes.

 After our class there is a senior citizen group who comes in to use the room. They had arrived early so the kids sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider.
 We got home and chilled for a little while before heading to the park.

 We met up with Carolyn, Olivia and Eric for some play time. There was a little girl ALL over Jayden -_-

 We arrived home minutes before Kuda and Nelson got there to surprise Jayden. They came bearing gifts for both children!

 We went out to dinner, with Lion-O too of course.

 And we sang Happy birthday AGAIN!
 Jayden said it was "the bestest birthday EVER!" :)

The next day Kuda read If You Give A Cat a Cupcake... and we did a quick craft.

My brother, sister in law and cousin came to spend the night as well. 
Kids playing Thundercats with their cousin
 I did my best to bake a cake of Jaydens obsession- Little Big Planet. He loved it!
We sang happy birthday for the 4th time!

 He had a pretty great birthday I think!

And here are his grades!