Friday, November 29, 2013


Jayden just started a new course in Brickapalooza- WeDo Robotics. The description for this kit says:

"Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social studies."

For the first class of the 5 week session, Jayden and his partner had to build a top.

 Then they had to write a program to get the gears to spin and make the top move.

The longest they got the top to spin was 12 seconds! It kept falling off the table or bumping into something, causing it to stop.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saxon Math & History

Last week we started Caitlin on Saxon Math for kindergarten.

We began with a calendar showing the month of November. I explained the difference between the date and the day. 
 Next up she had to make whatever she wanted with the geometric pattern blocks.
 She chose to make cheeseburgers.
 She also made the letter I.
And finally she made a restaurant counter. The diamonds and triangles show where the customer had to pay for the new cheeseburgers she made.

We are now up to Ancient Africa in The Story of the World.  This will run until the end of this week.
We read a short story called "Anansi and the Turtle". (the video of the story is here). Then the kids colored in a picture.

 The pictures went up on our line as well!
 And finally, Jayden worked on some of his map work.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Language Arts & Writing Class

We are quickly zooming through our language arts curriculum.

Last week these were Jayden's spelling words:

In grammar, Jayden worked on action verbs. 
 And in writing Jayden is working on story ideas.
We also had our monthly writing class. Amanda (the teacher) made a delicious cranberry bread, which we snacked on while reading Cranberry Thanksgiving.

We discussed the elements of the story (setting, conflict, rising action, climax, and the resolution, which we learned is also called denouement). We also discussed two poetic devices: onomatopoeia and similes.

The kids had two writing assignments. The first assignment said: Write about a food that is symbolic to you. Why is the food special or horrible? Use at least one simile.
The second assignment said: Create a national holiday. What is your holiday called? How do you celebrate it? What is or is not done on this day? You must include at least one onomatopoeia in this one.

The kids came up with really great stuff! I would type it out but their notebooks are in their closet and I don't feel like getting them. :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

School work

Over the last few weeks Juan has taken over half of our homeschooling lessons. Action pictures are sparse, but learning is not!

In math Jayden has been working on measuring centimeters and meters.

We only have a yardstick, not a meter stick, but Juan explained that a meter stick was slightly longer than our yardstick.

Caitlin is still working on her writing. She has requested that we no longer underline the spaces that she is supposed to write on (to learn about proper word spacing) because she doesn't need it anymore.

She has been doing calendar work again, courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler. We are prepping to start Saxon Math (K) for her.

Both kids are still working on Spanish. This week they are mostly practicing writing the words to help them memorize them.

I suspect that we will breeze through the next unit, which is all about colors. They learned their colors a while ago, so hopefully it will serve as a review.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Library time!

Things seem to be nonstop for us right now. School, playdates, karate, various classes... We seem to constantly be on the go. I think we are ready to slow down... well, at least I am!

We had another preschool art class for Caitlin this week. We celebrated fall with several different crafts.

Caitlin laced an apple

Gluing different sized buttons on corn

Angry faced pumpkin

This is supposed to be an octopus. Not sure how that fit in with the theme, but we went with it!
Jayden has decided he is much too old to participate in any class that starts with the word "preschool" in it. He also insists that he is old enough to sit in the library and read while I stay with Caitlin in her class. Of course I check on him from time to time. This is what I found him doing:
Total tangent/ proud gushing mommy moment, but I absolutely LOVE what bookworms my kiddos are! All those years of me reading to them has really paid off. There is a computer available to him at the library but he chose to read instead.
Caitlin is over the moon now that she can read. She sounds out every thing she possibly can when she is in the mood for it. Even though my heart swells with pride, I don't make a big deal of it because it pisses her off.
I am seriously so proud of them both though!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Preschool activities

Last week we went to a preschool music and movement class. Miss Corrie read a book (can't remember the name of it) that got the kids up and moving.

 Cait demonstrated what hopping was.
 She twirled.
  She danced.
 Miss Corrie did the Itsy Bitsy Spider with the kids.

In the end she did a craft.
Jayden played on the iPad the whole time. 

 Earlier this week we went to another preschool class and learned about the 5 senses.
 The librarian read this book to the kids.
There were 4 sensory stations set up (taste was not included due to common food allergies but she did discuss it).

The first station we visited was the sight station. Caitlin had to use the paddles and figure out what two colors combined together made.
Next we moved over to the touch station. There were small sensory bags filled with items. Caitlin had to draw the shapes she felt inside of the bag.

The third station was the hearing station. There were various instruments, included water bottles filled with rice. We made some music together before we moved on to the final station.
The last station was the smell station. She glued cinnamon to the back of her pie, then glued the pie to a paper.

 There were bottles filled with scented cotton balls.

 After the activity was complete, Caitlin got to pick out a free book. She chose Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan.