Thursday, October 11, 2012


Last week we decided at the last minute to play hookie from baseball. Instead, we went to the beach. It was glorious! I love the cool air that hit us and that drowsy feeling we all got when we left the beach. Most of all, I love the serenity there.

There is a small playground that the kids played at for a few minutes. We left that section pretty fast though. The beach was calling!

 Look at this! It was seriously so gorgeous!

You can't see them, but there were TWO seals swimming out there! I have NEVER seen a seal that was not in captivity.

At one point, both of my children (at separate times) sat at the edge of the water and just looked out into the ocean.
When we got home Jayden told me, "Mom, I love my family. I love our life. We have so much fun, and we have great friends!" Cait and I nodded our heads in agreement.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Science Co-op

For our library science co-op, we continued with the ocean creatures theme. Carolyn hosted this time, and as usual, the kiddies had a lot of fun!

First she put coral, seashells, sand dollars, etc in a bucket and let the children examine them.

 Then she had them look at x-rays of shells, etc.

 The kids got to paint an underwater scene.




Jayden made himself as a scuba diver. The buttons are his goggles.
The kids also got to go "fishing." Every time they do this, I am always shocked at how enthralled they are. They could seriously spend a good portion of time "fishing."

Owen & Cait chatting

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Story Time

While waiting for story time to begin, we checked out the art work at our library. Cait loved the painting of a puppy in a boot. All of the work displayed was created by Laurence Welch, a local artist.

Jayden loved the beach painting.

Jayden and Cait were fascinated with this painting.

 At story time the librarian (Miss Corrie) read about fall. The children danced and sang songs as well.

She discussed crops and harvesting, which worked perfectly with our history lesson this week.

 Afterward, we went to the children's library and checked out a few books. Cait decided it was the perfect spot to attempt a handstand. She is REALLY into gymnastics lately.
Jayden thought it was so cool and asked her how she did it. So she taught him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Art lines!

We still have these damn boxes. They are obnoxious and always seem to be in my way. And yet the kids love them. They play with them daily. Like seriously, they are occupied for a long while with these boxes. So until they go ignored or break, in my living room they shall stay!

 We started Halloween crafts this week. J & C made their own paper candy corn guy.

Then we hung it up on our brand new art line by my beloved husband! He screwed an eye hook in on both ends of our living room and tied some rope onto it. Now we have an art line where we can hang up all of the kids' art work during the upcoming holidays.

Saturday, October 6, 2012



Working together at the table

Jayden using his fingers and toes for math
We had a science co-op earlier this week. This time we met at a park. In hindsight, that was a terrible meeting space. The kids just wanted to play, but it was raining and we had work to get done. We let the kids run around a bit first while we waited for everyone to arrive.



Rachel read them a few pages from a science book about the lungs. Then she showed them a video about how the lungs work.

 Once they were done with the video, the children painted their lungs and blotted on alveoli.

 Then we made a "lung" out of balloons, straw, play doh, duct tape, and a bottle.

 As always, the children enjoyed themselves. They especially loved the lung fake lung and even Caitlin understood the concept of our lungs expanding when we breathe in and contracting when we breathe out.