Monday, April 30, 2012

Broken Earthworms and TBall!

Due to the horrible rainy and freezing weather we skipped soccer last Sunday (April 22nd). 

Last week we joined a Nature Class. The kids really enjoyed it.

 The kids started off by making a Nature Journal.



Then we went to Amandas yard to look for nasty bugs and anything else "nature-ish" to log in their journals.

 Caitlin PICKED UP A WORM! Someone commented that she was brave and Jayden said "Mom, I don't want to be brave today!" I said "Not touching it doesn't mean you're not brave. It's ok!" I was truly grateful to have an excuse not to join Caitlin in the worm fest. I had to keep Jayden calm, of course.

Cait picked up and put down the worm several times. By this point I had walked away and May was taking pictures. The following morning Cait confessed she "broke the worm." I told her that maybe she had two worms but she insisted she had broken it and felt bad. When I looked through the pictures I found this one below, where it appears she did indeed break the worm. I asked her why she did it and she said that she wanted two worms. I had to explain to her that we don't just rip up creatures and it didn't become two earthworms even though both pieces still wiggled. I told her that she hurt the worm and we should really be careful about how we treat all of natures creatures, including plants.

 After exploring the kids plucked dandelions. Some of them taped them to their book, but we left ours in our pockets. Oops!

 We tried to get a group shot but it didn't work out...

 Then they were off again, running around playing, climbing, and digging.



A tick!!!

 Vanessa explained the difference in some of the plants she found.

 Can you tell the kids slept VERY well that night?

We also took a trip to the library. We returned old books, borrowed new books, read a ton of books, and played!

 The kids were playing doctor and Caitlin was giving birth to a baby. Jayden wrapped it up in a blanket and cleaned off the blood before Caitlin breastfed it. You can see the baby coming out of Caits shirt. That's because they both believe that a baby comes out of a moms belly because they have seen my c-section scar. While I feel comfortable enough to tell Jayden about natural births, I don't think Caitlin would be discreet enough with this information yet. So I let them think what they want for now. It was hilarious watching Jayden tell Caitlin to squeeze her belly.


 We had our big co-op last week. Cait was singing to her doll while we waited for daddy to finish getting ready.
 This was her audience.

 We had our usual show and tell.
 The kids got to make collages. They had a lot of fun!

 Cait played Twister and did pretty well!

 Jayden made wings for his doll Alex.
 Olivia cut out lots of pictures during the week to give Jayden for his collage. Here is his and Caits finished product.

The kids played Simon Says and Follow the Leader.

 Saturday morning at 8:30am was Jaydens first Tball practice. That is pretty damn early, even for Jayden who insisted I let him go back to sleep when I told him we had to get ready to go. But in the end he had SOOOOO much fun! Juan, Cait, and I all froze because it was really cold outside! Jayden received several compliments on his "natural talent" which definitely left Juan extremely proud. I am proud too, of course, but I think there was an even extra special feeling for Juan.