Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Took a hiatus from the blog but not from homeschooling!

Here is what we did today:

J did independent work!

Practicing his name

Matching big & small pictures

Shape recognition

C colored in one of her famous getups:

C's final product!

Once J was done, they both colored together:

Monday, November 1, 2010

1st of November!

Today was FULL of lessons!

J did a few worksheets:
Matching words to pictures
Pattern recognition

Find all of the letter Ee's

Practicing his writing
He also put all of the elephants in size order:

Meanwhile the Diva colored:

 Then she put the crayons away...

What I DON'T have pictured here is she threw every single crayon on the floor after this! She helped me pick most of them up though!

Today we also learned 2 other important lessons:

1. seven candies in one day is TOO much (unless having the kids bouncing off of the walls is what you want!)


2. Dog food and 2 year olds don't mix... especially when said two year olds nostrils are involved!

Let's hope for a smoother day tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This morning J & C did some school work with dad! They painted several pumpkins and discussed the texture of the pumpkins, measured and weighed one of the bigger pumpkins, and started carving it!

J's pumpkin
C's pumpkin (painted with a little bit of help!)
Dads small pumpkin!
Dads SCARY vampire pumpkin!
All together!

Getting ready to check out what the inside of a pumpkin looks like

Measuring the pumpkin

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funday Monday!

I hate Mondays! To lighten the mood we made today a relaxed Funday Monday!

J went out to the yard to get some exercise in with dad!

He was really tired after that but refused to nap. I knew he wasn't going to nap so I decided not to fight this battle. I also knew that him being tired meant today wasn't a good day for sit down work so I let him play his game.

 After lunch we made some cookies. I wanted to make them Halloween themed so we tried our new bat cookie cutter...

But the dough was too sticky so it didn't work. Sooo we decided to try something else...

We rolled them into balls, flattened them out and smashed them with a fork to give it a pumpkin kind of look. After one batch of that J decided he was done with the fork part and wanted to just make them in regular shapes because they didn't look like real pumpkins.

Sooo we waited for the cookies to finish baking...

Screaming "No pictureeeeesssssssssssss mommy!!"

 And here they are! (Well this is the second batch. I forgot to take a picture of the "pumpkin" cookies)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sooooooooooo on Wednesday J decided he wanted to complete all of his work for the day, as well as for Thursday, at once! I let him because, well, I can't really be opposed to him wanting extra work can I?

That left us free yesterday! I think next week I will be scheduling a little bit more work for him!

Here is what nap time/ quiet time looked like:

 She was SO not feeling the camera!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't worry!

I haven't forgotten about the blog today. Blogger image uploads are disabled for maintenance today so I will get everything up tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back at it!

So life has been hectic! We were out Thursday and I was going to have school Friday even though we are usually "off" on Fridays. Then C woke up and was feverish all weekend. J mostly played educational games for school but we did do some reviews orally.

Today we were back at our regular schedule, only we have a new addition to the mix!

Here was J hard at work today:

I didn't get my usual amount of pics from each lesson because my camera battery died. My cell phone doesn't take good pics (as you can see in the first pic) so I didn't take many with it. Now I have to recharge my camera for tomorrows lessons!

Today J worked on the sound of the letter D, he practiced writing Dd, practiced writing the number 6, learned the spanish color for black, and reviewed his left and right, the sounds of letters A-C, and all of the spanish colors we have learned so far. It was busy school-wise, and he STILL wanted to do more work!

Here is the diva, asleep, with the newest member of the family, Cleo!

Cleo was homeschooled today too! Lesson of the day: Don't chew the kids toys! Let's see if it sunk in tomorrow! =)