Friday, October 14, 2016


Last week in Science, Professor VonSchwartz (aka dad) gave the science lesson. He is the new science teacher and he has an annoying heavy accent. He also named me Professor VonKillJoy. Whatever!

Anyway, last week's lesson covered moving atoms.

Using hot water, cold water, and room temp water, the kids added blue food coloring, learning that when things are mixed without being stirred, it is called diffusion. They also learned that temperature affects how fast atoms and molecules mix with each other.
As the blue dye and water diffuse, we are seeing molecules and atoms in motion. 

After studying the cups the kids learned that atoms and molecules not only move, they move fastest in hotter water. We also noted the condensation and slight evaporation of the hot water.

Jayden is doing amazing in his online science class! He had an oral exam with his professor last week and got 100%. He is now working on the second unit of the class, which involves energy transformation. He is learning about all different types of energy: kinetic, potential, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal. radiant, nuclear, and sound.

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